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Comparison of electrolyte excretion in smolting and nonsmolting trout (Salmo gairdneri) Stainer, Isobel M.


Urine was collected from the trout (Salmfi gairdneri) using a cannulation technique. Total urine and electrolyte outputs decreased in smolts as compared with fresh water parr. The filtration rates, as measured using the inulin method, were concomitantly decreased in the smolts. No significant change of urine concentration, percent reabsorption or percent secretion of filtrate was recorded. There was a linear relationship between cumulative output and time indicating a steady flow rate. An increase in sodium and chloride content in the muscle was recorded during smolt transformation. Potassium and water content remained the same as in non-smolts. In the above group, the plasma sodium concentration increased. The decrease in renal output without dilution of body fluids is discussed with respect to a possible change in the extrarenal ion exchange mechanism.

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