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Changes in the level of free nucleotides of vaccinia infected chorioallantoic membrane of the chick embryo in vivo Wylie, Vivian


The ribonucleotides in the chorioallantoic membrane of 12-day-old chick embryos have been isolated by ion-exchange chromatography and characterized by their spectrophotometric and paper chromatographic properties. The following nucleotides were identified: adenosine-5' phosphate (AMP), uridine-5' phosphate (UMP), cytidine-5' phosphate (CMP), uridine-5' diphosphate galactose (UDPGal), uridine-5' diphosphate N-acetyl hexosamine (UDPNAHexosamine), guanosine-5' phosphate (GMP), cytidine-5' diphosphate (CDP), uridine-5' diphosphate (UDP), adenosine-51 diphosphate (ADP), guanosine-5' diphosphate (GDP), cytidine-5' triphosphate (CTP), uridine-5' triphosphate (DTP), adenosine-5' triphosphate (ATP), and guanosine-5' triphosphate (GTP). Quantitative determinations of these nucleotides were made on the basis of their ultraviolet absorption at 260 mμ. Similarly, concentrations of these nucleotides were estimated in 12-day-old chorioallantoic membranes after infection with vaccinia virus. Larger amounts of ribonucleoside-5' phosphates were present in the infected tissue at 4 and 12 hours after infection. The amounts of ribonucleoside-5' triphosphates were decreased. In tissues where, it is believed, synchronous infection occurred, the amounts of ribonucleoside-5' diphosphates and triphosphates were markedly lower than in controls after 12 hours of infection. Infection in the presence of tritium₌labelled thymidine showed that the amount of labelled thymidine-5' mono-, di-, and triphosphates had increased after 4 hours and that the amounts of these nucleotides subsequently decreased.

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