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Effects of stratification and incubation temperature on the germination of grand fir (Abies Grandis (Dougl.) Lindl.) seed. Wang, Shih-Pin (Ben)


The purpose of this study was to develop a suitable pretreatment and incubation temperature for testing the germination of grand fir (Abies grandis (Dougl.) Lindl.) seed. The germination behaviour of this species varies with different seedlots of different seed years and of diverse origins. Temperature is very significant in the germination of this species. Of those incubation temperatures tested, 25° C was found to be near optimum for its germination. Stratification was shown to have a greater effect on the rate of germination than on the germinative capacity. The longer the stratification period the less sensitive the seed was to incubation temperature. The shorter stratification periods (30 and 40 days) showed little or no significant effect on the rate of germination of the relatively older seeds of the 1957 crop. Seeds dewinged by hand and cleaned by a vertical air stream gave significantly better results than those commercially processed. Results of these experiments were tabulated and analyzed. All the differences among treatments were compared and discussed in detail. A comparison of nursery germination per cent after 64 days and laboratory rate of germination was made for two seedlots and the correlations were shown.

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