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A survey of beginning teachers in B.C. public schools Easton, Patrick Warren


This study was undertaken in an attempt to provide Information regarding the attitudes of beginning teachers toward teaching in B.C. schools. The information obtained is relevant to the more general problem of the shortage of teachers in B.C. The study sought to: 1. Describe the beginning teacher biographically 2. Describe her teaching situation 3. Describe her attitudes toward teaching 4. Describe her attitudes toward her teacher training In order to achieve a most representative sample, all beginning teachers in 1958 - 59 were sent a questionnaire. This study analyzed the first 80% of the returns and comparisons were made between the attitudes and opinions expressed by: 1. B.C. and U.S. beginning teachers 2. Men and women beginning teachers 3. Elementary level and secondary level beginning teachers 4. Urban and rural beginning teachers 5. Beginning teachers trained at the U.B.C. College of Education and at Victoria College. Some 591 beginning B.C. teachers in 1958 - 59 answered 91 questions, thereby providing a broad base on which to build future studies concerning related problems in this area. It is felt that the findings obtained in this study can be useful to further research.

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