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Decentralized branch Y.M.C.A. development in a local residential community : an analytical study of the Fairmount and Fraserview-Killarney Y.M.C.A.'s in the south-eastern section of Vancouver, 1944-1960. McComb, Donald Robert


The general subject of this study is the post war development of the decentralized YMCA:. the specific study in its application in a particular section of Vancouver (two "local communities" in.the south-eastern section of Vancouver). The Fairmount YMCA, established initially in Fairview-Mount Pleasant area, and the extension of *YT services to become, in I960, the Fraserview-Killarney.. Branch, are analyzed over a fourteen year period. The study is an historical analysis of community organization process, and of group work in meeting the recreational needs of the Fraserview and Killarney citizens. Decentralization of agency-administration as the principle of an individualized service, through the opportunity for local responsibility and control, is critically appraised in the light of results. The role of the professional worker, and the process of community organization for recreation, is analyzed through the use of process recordings. For the Fraserview-Killarney YMCA, as well as for other Branches of the Vancouver YMCA,.the study indicates that the role of the YMCA in the. residential community is to supplement public recreation and other community services. The changing social structure of the community, and the need for the YMCA to broaden and adapt "family type" services, both demonstrate that the YMCA,-as well as other private agencies, will need to retain a_flexible structure of operation if it is to retain the interest of the people concerned in voluntary participation.

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