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Precipitation of the Fraser River basin : a descriptive study. Wallis, John Hubert


This study of precipitation is based on data in the 1955 Climate of British Columbia concerning the network of 106 stations which have been operated in the Fraser River Basin, Emphasis is on the description of precipitation characteristics, with cartographic representation of the data forming the basis of the explanations and discussion in the The first portion of the study concerns the concentration of annual and seasonal precipitation throughout the Basin, followed by a similar examination of mean annual and seasonal snowfall with observations concerning the proportion of annual snowfall in each season and the proportion of seasonal precipitation which occurs as snow. A parallel discussion of proportions for total precipitation, with emphasis on seasons and months of maximum and minimum, is concluded by an analysis of precipitation regimes in various parts of the Basin. The effect of the gaps in the Coast Mountains resulting in continental or coastal characteristics of precipitation, dependent on station location, is noted repeatedly throughout the thesis. Considerations of variability as well as the value and methods of checking homogeneity of station records are included with observations concerning years in which heavy or light precipitation was general in large parts of the Basin. An examination of all topics as they affect the thirteen sub-basins of the Fraser concludes the study.

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