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The predictive value of psychological tests for the training of real estate salesmen Elstone, Ovidius Alfred


This study was undertaken in an attempt to determine the predictive value of psychological tests on the final grade obtained by students in the University of British Columbia Real Estate Diploma course. The tests used in the study were: 1. Non-Language Multimental Test 2. Adaptability Test 3. Arithmetical Reasoning Test 4. Vocabulary Recognition Test 5. Michigan Speed of Reading Test - Form I 6. Practical Judgement Test 7. Sales Comprehension Test 8. Sales Motivation Test 9. Strong Inventory Vocational Blank (Revised) 10. Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, A sample of 103 students was obtained which consisted of a Spring 1959 class and a Fall 1959 class. A multiple linear regression analysis was performed on the data. Coefficients of correlation were calculated between the predictor variables and the criterion singly and in all possible combinations. From these regression equations were constructed. The adaptability Test alone was the best predictor variable of the final grade obtained in the Real Estate course. Various recommendations for further study were listed. The most important of them was one concerning that a larger number of subjects be sought in subsequent studies. Mention is also made of the value of using multiple criteria of success in a study of this nature.

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