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Studies on the nitrogen metabolism of Verticillium Albo-Atrum Reinke & Berth. Woodbury, William


Studies on the ability of Verticillium albo-atrum Reinke & Berth, to grow on a synthetic basal medium incorporating various organic and inorganic sources of nitrogen indicate that nitrate serves as the best single source of nitrogen. V. albo-atrum is able to utilize the known inorganic intermediates of nitrate reduction with the exception of hydroxylamine which was toxic at the concentration used. Enzymatic studies, using homogenates of mycelium grown on the synthetic medium with nitrate or peptone as the source of nitrogen, indicate the adaptive nature of the enzymes responsible for nitrate reduction since only the nitrate-grown mycelium was found to reduce nitrate. On the basis of evidence presented, it is concluded that the adaptive nature of nitrate reductase and the preferential utilization of nitrate by V. albo-atrum may be factors in the effects of nitrogen nutrition of the host on the incidence and severity of Verticillium wilt.

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