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A phonological description of contemporary literary ukrainian Andersen, Henning


The present thesis presents the results of a preliminary investigation of the phonology of contemporary literary Ukrainian (CLU). Based on a morphological analysis of the material contained in H. Holoskevyč, Pravopysnyrj slovnyk, it describes the orthoepic standard set forth in O. Synjavs'kyj, Normy ukrajins'koji literaturnoji movy (with due consideration given to the current Soviet norms) within the framework of the theory of phonology formulated by Morris Halle (The Sound Pattern of Russian). Chapter II contains the descriptive statements under three headings: Segments and Boundaries, Morpheme Structure Rules, and Phonological Rules. The segments are defined in terms of distinctive features as follows: (Table omitted). Chapter III presents a discussion of the individual morphonemes and boundaries. Among the problems discussed are: the morphonemic representation of geminates and of distinctively sharped labial and palatal consonants: the distribution of sharped and plain consonants before /i/ in different varieties of CLU; the distribution of /i/ and /y/ word initially and after /j/; earlier attempts to reduce the inventory of vowel phonemes to five; the synchronic and diachronic status of the feature tense vs. lax; the status of the marginal phonemes /f/, /Ʒ/, /ƺ/, /ǯ/, /g/. Chapter IV surveys and discusses the material on which the morpheme structure rules are based and offers a few incidental comments on problems connected with their formulation. Chapter V primarily illustrates the operation of the phonological rules and discusses their order. A concluding section contains a brief discussion of the optional phonological rules which describe deviations from Synjavs'kyj’s Normy.

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