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Manifestations of impulse, ego and superego in adolescent girls Smordin, Marcelyn Mary


The general purpose of this study was to carry out an investigation based on psychoanalytic concepts as a frame of reference. Adolescent girls were chosen as subjects. The primary object was to assess the usefulness of the id, ego, superego (IES) test as a means for differentiating between delinquent adolescent girls of high rating in adjustment and those of low rating. Two qualified observers, in a training school for delinquent girls, were asked to agree on a choice of two groups of girls whose daily behaviour in the school had shown one group to possess and the other to lack the ability to make socially acceptable adjustment. The subjects in both groups were given the IES Test and the scores were compared to determine whether the tests would differentiate between the groups. None of the eight hypotheses concerning the expected differences of the two contrasting groups with regard to impulse, ego and superego test scores were confirmed. However, the arithmetic trends in the scores were consistent with the experimental hypotheses in seven out of eight Instances.

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