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Effects of certain extracts of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and yellow pine needles (Pinus ponderosa) on the reproductive processes of the laboratory mouse and rat Cook, Harry


The anti-estrogenic properties of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and yellow pine (Pinus ponderosa) needles were studied. Oral administration of a water-soluble fraction of an acetone extract of birdsfoot trefoil was found to decrease uterine weight of immature female mice. The estrous cycles of rats receiving this extract in the ration, were not disturbed. Specially prepared aqueous fractions of an acetone extract of yellow pine needles decreased the uterine weight of mice. In further experiments, immature female mice were fed 0.040 mcgms. and 0.020 mcgms. diethylstilbestrol (D.E.S.) per gram of feed. When a water-soluble fraction of pine needle extract was administered, it did not affect uterine weight significantly in the 0.040 mcgm. D.E.S. group, but markedly and significantly decreased uterine weight in the 0.020 mcgm. D.E.S. group. This pine needle extract also interrupted the estrous cycles of mature rats, causing a prolonged diestrus. Chromatographic studies indicated that the pine extracts probably do not owe their anti-estrogenic activity to pinosylvin or its mono-methyl ether.

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