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Alkibiades Walbank, Michael Burke


Principal events in the life of Alkibiades son of Kleinias, of the deme Skambonidai: 451/0 B.C. Winter: Birth of Alkibiades. 446 Spring: Death of his father, Kleinias, at Koroneia. 433/2: Comes of Age; 432/1: Takes part in campaign in Poteidaia. 424: Marriage. Olympic victory. Takes part in campaign at Delion. 420 Spring: First election to strategia. Summer: Promotes Quadruple Alliance. 419 Summer: Strategos in northern Peloponnese. 418 Summer: Strategos, but sent to Mantineia as Presbeutes. Allies defeated at Mantineia. Argos joins Spartan bloc. 417 Spring: Alkibiades not elected to strategia. Helps democrats in Argos. Birth of the younger Alkibiades. 416 Spring: Elected to fourth strategia. Ostracism of Hyperbolos. New Argive alliance signed. Summer: Olympic victory of Alkibiades. Winter: Fall of Melos. Sicilian Expedition proposed. 415 Spring: Debate over Sicilian Expedition. Summer: Alkibiades, Nikias and Lamachos appointed as joint commanders of Expedition. June: Mutilation of the Hermai; Alkibiades accused. Mid-summer: Fleet sails to Sicily. Late summer: Alkibiades recalled to stand trial. Flees to Thourioi and thence to Argos. Autumn: Forced to leave Argos; goes to Sparta. Winter: Debate in Sparta. Alkibiades acts as adviser to the Spartans. 414 Spring: Spartans take his advice and send Gylippos to Sparta. 413 Spring: Spartans under Agis invade Attica and fortify Dekeleia. Summer: Destruction of Athenian Expedition to Sicily. 412 Spring: Alkibiades sent to Ionia with Spartan force to promote revolt of the Athenian allies and Spartan alliance with Persia. Winter: Flees to court of Tissaphernes and becomes adviser to the Persians. 411 Spring: Plots with Athenian oligarchs for his recall, but breaks with them and plots with the democrats instead. Summer: The Four Hundred establish themselves at Athens. Democratic coup in Samos. Alkibiades recalled by democrats in Samos. The Five Thousand succeed the Four Hundred at Athens and vote recall of Alkibiades. Autumn: Defeat of Peloponnesian fleet near Kyzikos. 411 Winter: Alkibiades temporarily imprisoned by Tissaphernes. Escapes and takes part in second Athenian victory at Kyzikos. 410 Summer: Restoration of democracy at Athens and reunion of the two governments. Alkibiades occupied in fund-raising. 409 Winter: Peloponnesians defeated at Abydos. 408: Agreement with Pharnabazos. Capture of Chalkedon and Byzantion. 407 Spring: Alkibiades elected strategos at Athens. Returns to city with the fleet. Summer: Appointed commander-in-chief. Autumn: Procession of the Mysteries to Eleusis. Alkibiades leaves Athens. Winter: Failure of expedition to Andros. 406 Spring: Alkibiades' subordinate Antiochos defeated and killed at battle of Notion. Alkibiades goes into exile in Thrace. Summer: Athenian victory at Arginousai. Trial of the generals. Alkibiades in Thrace. 405 Summer: Athenians utterly defeated at Aigospotamoi. Autumn: Collapse of Athenian empire. Winter: Siege of Athens. 404 Spring: Fall of Athens and establishment of the Thirty Tyrants. Alkibiades flees to court of Pharnabazos. Summer: Flight of Alkibiades to Phrygia. Autumn (?) Murdered at Melissa by Pharnabazos' agents at request of Spartans.

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