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The return of M. Gorky to dramaturgy in the Soviet epoch Bohanec, Josip


From the fruitful literary activity of Gorky here are four dramas, presented as a unit of creation in his last years. Since he was pulled into the political whirl of his country, and consequently proclaimed the creator of social realism, it is indispensable to find out how much the artist in Gorky regimentated himself to the power of the Soviet regime. The last four dramas - virtually his last discernible literary accomplishment - may serve such a purpose. The method used here was that of literary analysis of the individual characters and settings, proved by the direct quotations of the text. Through such a procedure an attempt was made to bring about a general conclusion: although Gorky was a cherished idol of the proletarian bolshevik society he himself deviated from its ideological and social uniformity. Instead of complete acceptance of their cause, he expressed its weaknesses through the fine subtleties of his mind. This thesis intends to reveal them as they emerge from the text itself.

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