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The cityscape and landscape settings for the sculpture of Henry Moore Wright, Carolyn Meredith


A writer may choose many points of view in considering works of art. Frequently the work of an artist is regarded purely for its own merit. Or it may be considered in relation to the work of other artists or periods. Here, the writer has chosen to consider certain sculptural works of the English artist Henry Moore in relation to the cityscape and landscape settings in which they have been placed. In order to more fully understand the works, how they relate or do not relate to their settings and what effects the settings have upon them, the thesis has been broken into several major sections which in turn have been further divided. A section dealing with Henry Moore as a man and an artist, the pattern of development which his work has taken, and a clarification of the meaning of his work is placed first in order that the reader may more fully understand the specific pieces when they are considered. This section is followed by a chapter devoted to a generalized discussion of the development of sculpture from earliest times to the present day and its various uses within cities and landscape both in the past and in the 20th century. Continuing the thesis, a number of Henry Moore's major works are discussed. The pieces are considered for their significance within the 'oeuvre' of Moore. They are also considered for their function in relationship to their setting -- cityscape or landscape. Certain of Moore's bronzes have been placed in both landscape and cityscape locations and in these cases it has been possible to consider the relative impact of the works within each type of setting. The pieces are not discussed in chronological order, but rather in the order which best suits both the subject and its setting. Those sculptures which have as their setting, the city, have been discussed first as it is in this environment that sculpture is most frequently found. Several of the pieces have both landscape and cityscape sites and thus provide the transition to the setting of pure natural landscape in which are placed other works of sculptor Henry Moore. Finally, a number of works having the exhibition space in the museum or gallery as their setting are given consideration. In a few cases the pieces are not permanently located. However, most of the works considered are in permanent collections and the landscape or cityscape settings in which they are found today are their permanent sites.

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