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An investigation of academic post-secondary school students in King Edward Senior Matriculation and Continuing Education Centre Glenesk, Alfred H.


This study seeks to discover any significant differences among the participants of three types of educational programs at King Edward Senior Matriculation and Continuing Education Centre. Selected measurable characteristics of these post-secondary students are tested in order to investigate any differences among the participants at the Centre. The data chosen include various performance factors of continuing education participants. These characteristic factors of student behavior were coded for use in the key-sort cards, and tabulated for electronic processing and statistical analysis. The chi-square test and the "t" test were applied to the data to test for significant differences among the three types of participants in a post-secondary school. Relationships within groups and between groups were further tested by the Pearson product-moment coefficient of correlation using three selected factors: grade-point average, intelligence quotient, and final achievement. The null hypothesis was upheld in most instances, and evidence could not be found that any single factor tested other than final achievement contributed to distinguishing young adults on the basis of the educational measurements selected. Further research into other characteristics of adult learners might more clearly account for differences in academic performance. Of the three groups of participants which were analysed, the senior matriculation students were more distinct and had characteristics which were more singularly predictable when related to the criterion of success on a final examination than the interrupted program students or the grade XII students.

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