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Mitotic aberrations induced by sunflower seed oil in Allium cepa root-tip cells Peterson, Alma Ness


Abnormal mitotic divisions and chromosomal aberrations were observed in onion root-tip cells treated with various concentrations of sunflower seed oil and for varying times. All treatments induced similar chromosomal aberrations but the number and extent of the deviations were influenced by the concentration and duration of the exposure. Abnormalities included pycnosis, "sticky" anaphase and telophase bridges with or without fragments, c-mitosis and inhibition of cell division. Chromosome and chromatid breakage with erosion and fragmentation were maximum at metaphase and anaphase four hours after treatment with 0.1 ppm oil concentration. Binucleate cells, micro-and macronuclei and some polyploidy appeared following recovery in -tap water. Spindle abnormalities were indicated by arrested meta-phases, multipolar anaphases and misdivision at anaphase. It is suggested that these chromosomal and spindle aberrations were induced by the carbon-carbon double bonds present in the unsaturated acids of the sunflower seed oil which enabled them to function as electron donors and to undergo such reactions as the addition of hydrogen, of water and of acids.

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