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Comparative limnology of lakes in the Southern Rocky Mountain Trench, British Columbia Sparrow, Roger Arthur Hugh


Within a restricted geographical area of British Columbia, a detailed examination was conducted in I960 and 1961 of 9-lakes having similar morphometric and climatic influences, but exhibiting a wide dissolved nutrient range (50 to 1460 ppm). Attempts were made to relate total dissolved solids as well as other chemical and physical indices, to biological factors indicating or influencing lake productivity. Measurements were made of standing crops of plankton, bottom fauna and fish as well as hypolimnial oxygen deficits, sedimentation rates and gross primary productivity. Standing crops of plankton appeared related to oxygen deficits and perimeter to area ratios. Furthermore, total dissolved solid content correlated with gross primary productivity estimates based on Light and Dark Bottle techniques. Total dissolved solid content of lakes was not correlated with standing crops of plankton, bottom fauna or fish. Ranking of selected physical or chemical indices of productivity failed to agree with ranking based on standing crops or other biological measurements of productivity. A number of possible factors which interact to modify the expression of primary correlates of productivity are discussed.

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