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A theoretical investigation of the nuclear resonance spectrum of B¹¹ in Kernite Rau, Jayaseetha Nittoor Sreenivasa


In this thesis a theoretical study is made of the resonance spectra of the B¹¹ nuclei in a single crystal of Kernite (Na₂B₄0₇.4H₂0) whose, quadrupole moments interact with the electric field gradient at the nuclear sites in the crystal in the presence of an external magnetic field when the magnetic and quadrupole interaction energies are comparable. Using the results of the high field work of Waterman and Volkoff, energy levels and transition frequencies have been calculated numerically using the University of British Columbia ALWAC-III-E digital computer over a range of magnetic fields in the region intermediate between the limiting cases of pure quadrupole energy levels slightly perturbed by magnetic interactions and Zeeman energy levels slightly perturbed by quadrupole interactions. The magnetic field was taken to be oriented in the plane perpendicular to the two-fold symmetry axis of the crystal and the calculations were carried out for different orientations of the external magnetic field in steps of 30°. A general theory has been developed for the calculation of signal intensities in the case of crossed coil spectrometer (induction method) and has been applied to the present case. The signal intensities for absorption type spectrometers are proportional to the transition probabilities, and results are given for the case of Kernite which enables one to compare the expected signal intensities of absorption spectrometers with those of induction spectrometers.

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