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The development of a double focusing magnetic spectrometer Smith, Arthur John Stewart


A fifteen inch magnetic spectrometer using its fringing field to achieve double focusing has been developed and made ready for experimental work. Its power supply delivers continuously variable currents from 0-100 amperes. The current is stable to one part in ten thousand, being regulated by a transistor amplifier which drives a bank of parallel output power transistors. Interlocks are provided to protect the components against foreseeable hazards. The vacuum and detecting systems are complete, and the spectrometer has been tested with various alpha sources. The best resolution obtained was .57 per cent, but there should be much better resolving power inherent in the spectrometer, unrevealed because the sources used were fairly large. A resolution measurement of scattered protons when the beam from the Van de Graaff is put in to the spectrometer should determine the resolution more accurately.

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