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The gamma-radiation from the bombardment of heavy ice with low-energy protons Scarfe, Colin David


The reaction D(p, γ )He³ was studied at incident proton energies of less than 50 kev. The method was to bombard heavy ice targets with the proton beam from the 50 kv accelerator. This machine develops an intense beam of 60 to 80 microamps which is necessary to produce a substantial yield despite the low reaction cross section. The angular distribution of the γ-rays was found to follow a (sin²θ +B) pattern as expected from earlier work carried out at higher energies. In the neighborhood of 35 kev the value of B was found, by measurements of the yield at 90° and at 0° to the incident beam direction, to be .283± .110. The total cross section was found to take on the following values: [In column] E(kev), 29.1, 37.5 44.0 ; [In column] σ(cm² ) x 10⁻³², 4.87 ± 1.05, 11.2 ± 2.8, 12.0 ± 4.0

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