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Dipole moment of the 3P state of HN as determined from optical observations of the Stark effect Irwin, Timothy Alexander Ready


The value of the dipole moment ,μ, of NH in the A³π state was found to be 1.31 ± .03 Debye. This value was determined from data on the Stark effect measured from spectrograms of the A³π- X³Σ-, 3360 Å, band taken on a 3.4 meter grating spectrograph in third order giving a resolution of about 100,000. The theory of the Stark effect in molecules was taken from papers by W. G. Penny5 and Van Vleck and Hill9 . The magnitude of the electric field was determined from the Stark splitting of the hydrogen line Hβ according to the theory given in The Theory of Atomic Spectra6 . In the near future I should be able to complete work on the c’π→a’Δ, 3240 Å, band and give the values of the dipole moments for states c and a as well. Thus it will be possible to determine how the dipole moment changes with electronic configuration.

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