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On the optimization of the drift lengths of stagger-tuned multi-cavity klystron amplifiers for small signals Schrack, Fred Günther


The drift length of a two-cavity klystron amplifier for highest power gain is one-quarter of the reduced space-charge wavelength λq. The presently accepted values for these optimum drift lengths for a multi-cavity klystron amplifier are also one-quarter of λq. These lengths are obtained from an extrapolation of the two-cavity klystron by regarding the multi-cavity klystron as a cascade amplifier consisting of several two-cavity stages. In this thesis, the multi-cavity klystron amplifier is considered as an entity, and not as a cascade amplifier. It is shown that if the power-gain function of a flat-staggered design is optimized with respect to the drift lengths, a set of unequal lengths is obtained. The optimization of the drift lengths leads to an appreciable increase in gain with a negligible increase in overall tube length. Hence it is worthwhile not to regard the multi-cavity klystron amplifier as a cascade amplifier. Only the small-signal theory is considered in this thesis.

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