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On the selection of tuning patterns in stagger-tuning multicavity klystron amplifiers Yuan, John Tsong


In the iterative method for producing maximally-flat response for the multicavity klystron amplifier, a choice must be made in allocating poles to cavities. In this thesis, a method is described for selecting the tuning pattern which will give flat response with maximum gain for a specific multicavity klystron. The iterative method for multicavity klystron amplifiers is extended, to tubes with up to six cavities. It is shown that the optimum tuning pattern has an appreciable advantage in gain over the alternative choices. The practice of allocating the highest-frequency pole to the penultimate cavity is justified, at least for relatively short tubes. Illustrative numerical tuning designs for four-, five- and six-cavity klystron amplifiers with different tuning patterns are given to verify the method. The restrictions of small-signal fundamental-mode theory apply throughout the thesis.

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