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Optimization of conductor shapes and configuration of conductor bundles for high voltage transmission Christensen, Gustav Strom


This thesis discusses the minimization of the electric field intensity on electric power transmission line conductors. Two separate cases are considered. One, transmission lines with one conductor per phase, and two, transmission lines with several conductors per phase. Non-circular conductors are considered for the case when only one conductor is used for each phase. Some contours subject to conformal mapping are investigated to determine if conductors of such shapes provide less variation in electric surface charge density than circular conductors. Also a perturbation method is developed which essentially consists in perturbing the boundary of a circular cylinder in such a manner that the electric surface charge density on the cylinder is uniform when it is placed parallel to line charges. Using this method it is found that a solution exists only in one particular case. In considering, several conductors per phase, that is, bundled conductors, the bundle configuration is changed from the symmetrical form normally used until the same maximum electric field intensity exists on all conductors of the same phase. Transmission lines with three and four conductor bundles are treated. The optimum configuration was determined by aid of the Alwac III-E digital computer and the results obtained are indicated.

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