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The relationship between inkblot barrier scores and sociometric status in adolescents Morton, Joyce Constance


This study attempted to relate barrier scores to socio-metric status among adolescents on the theory that high barrier individuals tend to be more "person" oriented and therefore more successful in interpersonal relationships. Eighty-seven pupils (46 males and 41 females with an age range of 12-15) from grades seven, eight and nine of a junior high school were examined with the short form of the group version of the Holtzman Inkblot Technique and a modification of the sociometric test described by Northway. Analysis of the data revealed no direct relationship between sociometric test scores and barrier scores. A relationship was found, however, between barrier scores of choosers and those whom they choose. Significant sex differences in barrier score at all ages and some age differences in barrier score were found. There was no significant difference apparent in sociometric status of high barrier males and females.

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