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The ontogeny of isozymes of lactic dehydrogenase in two amphibian species. Adams, Ellen


The ontogeny of the enzyme LDH has been studied in two species of amphibians (Amblystoma gracile and Rana aurora) as it provides a sensitive gauge of the state of differentiation of the organism, since the number and proportions of LDH isozymes present exhibit temporal and species specificity, thereby reflecting the degree of activity of the controlling genes. The presence of LDH in all stages of both species examined was established by assaying embryo homogenates for LDH activity, and the LDH was resolved into isozymic patterns by the methods of starch gel and disc electrophoresis. Specific enzyme activity for each developmental stage was correlated with the morphological events then occurring and the isozyme patterns obtained were discussed in terms of showing an increase in complexity during ontogeny and in terms of the current LDH isozyme hypothesis. A modified hypothesis was advanced to account for some of the experimental findings.

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