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A history of Samos to the Persian war Ferngren, Gary Burt


The following sequence of events is urged in this thesis: ca. 1400-1125 Samos is a Mykenaian outpost. ca. 875 Colonization of Samos by Epidaurians. ca. 705-700 Pheidon of Argos helps Aigina against Athens and Epidauros. Samians under Amphikrates raid Aigina. 704 (721?) Corinthian-Samian alliance against Aigina and Argos. Ameinokles builds biremes for Samos. ca. 700 Defeat of Athens; fall of Epidauros. ca. 680 Samos colonizes Amorgos. 675 Foundation of Prokonnesos by Samians. ca. 675-670 Outbreak of war between Chalkis and Eretria over Lelantine Plain. Samos enters on side of Chalkis. Series of local wars. ca. 670 Chalkis, with help from her northern colonies and Thessaly, defeats Eretria. Samos defeated in the East. 669/8 Pheidon defeats Spartans at Hysiai and controls Olympic games through Pisatans. ca. 665 Outbreak of Messenian Revolt. Samos aids Sparta. ? Phoibias holds office of aisymnetes in Samos. ca. 655 Samos breaks with Chalkis in arbitration of Akanthian dispute. Before 650 Samos participates in the Melian War. ? Tyranny of Demoteles. 638 Kolaios discovers Tartessos. Beginnings of Samian trade with Egypt. After ca. 625 Corinth deserts Samian alliance. Before 601 Samos drops rivalry with Miletos, now ruled by Thrasyboulos. Samos and Miletos wage war against Priene. Regime of Demoteles overthrown by geomoroi. 601 Foundation of Perinthos. ca. 600 Megarians raid Perinthos; Samos sends aid to Perinthians and Megara is defeated. Samians, after returning from Perinthos, overthrow geomoroi and establish popular government. ca. 590 Syloson, son of Kalliteles, seizes tyranny. 589 Birth of Pythagoras. Before 587 Samians seize 300 Kerkyraian boys sent by Periander to Alyattes. ca. 575 Construction of the Heraion begun. ca. 572 Accession of Polykrates I. Birth of Anakreon, Anaximander floruit. ca. 570 Birth of Polykrates, son of Aiakes. 564-560 Arrival of Ibykos in Samos. ca. 550 Anakreon becomes tutor to Polykrates II. 548/7 Samian pirates seize corselet sent by Amasis to Sparta. 547/6 Samian pirates seize krater sent by Sparta to Kroisos. 547 Fall of Sardis. 547/6 Battle of Pallene. ca. 541 Persian raid on Samos; the Heraion burned. Ionians of the islands submit to Persia. Collapse of the regime of Polykrates I. ca. 533 Pythagoras returns to Samos. 532 Coup d'etat by Polykrates II and his brothers, Pantagnotos and Syloson. ca. 531 Polykrates seizes full power; execution of Pantagnotos, banishment of Syloson. War with Persia; Persians successfully repulsed. ca. 530 Polykrates forms alliance with Amasis of Egypt. 530/29 Death of Kyros; accession of Kambyses. ca. 529 Second flight of Pythagoras, to Kroton. ? Samos wages war against Miletos and Lesbos; several towns captured on mainland. Before 525 Capture of Phoenicia by Kambyses. 525 Polykrates furnishes troops for Persian expedition against Egypt. 525/4 Unsuccessful Spartan expedition against Samos. Lygdamis of Naxos deposed. ca. 523 Capture of Rheneia and Delos; Polykrates institutes festival on Delos. 522 Polykrates assassinated by Oroites. Maiandrios seizes control of Samos. 521/0 Maiandrios expelled by Persians. Syloson installed as tyrant. ca. 514 Syloson succeeded by his son, Aiakes. 499 Outbreak of Ionian Revolt; Aiakes flees Samos. 495 Aiakes restored as tyrant of Samos.

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