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The dynamic stability of voltage-regulated and speed-governed synchronous machines in power systems. Vongsuriya, Khien


The dynamic stability of a power system has been of constant interest for many years. Among the many contributors are Concordia, Heffron, Phillips, and Messerle. In most studies, the tie line resistance and the saliency effect were neglected. An attempt has been made in this thesis to study the dynamic stability of the power system in the small including all important effects such as tie line resistance, reactance, saliency, voltage regulator, stabilizer time constants and gains, and governor time constants and gain. Two different methods for studying stability have been applied, namely, the Routh-Hurwitz criterion and the D-partition method. The important results found in the study are the significant effects of tie line resistance and saliency upon the stability limit from Routh-Hurwitz criterion studies and upon the stability region from studies using the D-partition method. Also, significant are the effects of the machine short circuit ratio, the governor, the exciter and stabilizer time constants and gains, and their coordination.

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