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Plastic deformation of lithium fluoride. Street, Kenneth Norman


A nonuniform annealing rate of color centers in LiF is attributed to a nonuniform density of dislocations which, in turn, is a direct consequence of the cleaving process. The tensile deformation properties of annealed LiF crystals were determined over the temperature range – 196 ⁰C. to +60 ⁰C. Several tests were also carried out on ɣ - irradiated specimens at ambient temperatures. A transition occurs in the work hardening rate during stage II deformation. Experiments involving both strain-rate and temperature cycling were performed over the limited temperature range of - 60 to +60 ⁰C. The results were analyzed in terms of rate theory expressions and indicated that the rate controlling mechanism for dislocation motion in stage IIA is probably the nonconservative motion of jogs in screw dislocations. Stage IIB hardening is more likely controlled by dislocation intersections. Evidence is presented which indicated that stress relaxation experiments may provide an extremely easy technique for the determination of the internal flow stress. Values obtained from such experiments on LiF agree remarkably well with those obtained from rate theory experiments.

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