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Modeling, analogue and tests of an electric machine voltage control system Dawson, Graham E.


This thesis is concerned with the modeling, analogue and tests of an interconnected four electric machine voltage control system. Many analogue studies of electric machines have been done but most are concerned with the development of analogue techniques and only a few give substantiation of the validity of the analogue models through comparison of results from analogue studies and from real machine tests. Chapter 2 describes the procedure and the system under study. Chapter 3 describes the methods used for the determination of the electrical and mechanical system parameters. The analogue model of the interconnected system is developed by studying the induction motor-amplidyne subsystem in Chapter 4 and the synchronous motor-dc generator subsystem in Chapter 5. Both transient and steady state tests are carried out on the analogue and on real machines to substantiate the validity of the analogue models. The subsystems are then interconnected and the interconnected system analogue is further verified from transient and steady state tests on the analogue and real machines. Although the system under study is specific, the methods of modeling, analogue and testing are general, therefore, they can be applied to the transient and steady state studies of other electric machine systems.

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