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Characteristics of a reflection-type microwave modulator utilizing a reflex klystron operated in the passive region Domeier, Gordon Charles


Experiments were carried out to determine the characteristics of a reflection-type modulator. The modulator consisted of an E-plane T-junction that was terminated on the side-arm by a reflex klystron operating in the passive region. Switching was accomplished by applying a pulse to the repeller of the passive klystron. It was found that the switching characteristics were strongly dependent on the power level at the input to the modulator. Good switching characteristics were obtained at low power levels hut these deteriorated as the input power became comparable to that produced by the klystron when operating as an oscillator. For the particular klystron used, satisfactory switching was possible for input power levels approximately 5 to 10 dB less than the output of the switching klystron. It was also found that the modulator characteristics depended on the operating mode of the passive klystron. The desired operating mode was a compromise between power-handling capability and the switching rate. An attempt was made to explain the decrease in switching range at high input power levels by relating the observed results to an increase in the bunching parameter at the boundaries of the passive region. However, this did not fully account for the observed results.

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