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The deformation behaviour of fibre-reinforced copper. Howard, Graeme Claude


The deformation behaviour of copper, reinforced with iron and steel fibres has been investigated. Parameters studied include: fibre diameter, matrix mean free path, and relative strength of fibre and matrix. No strengthening effect has been observed which can be attributed to fibre size alone. However, it is suggested that the strength of metal fibre-reinforced metal, composites are greatly influenced, by a "size effect" in the matrix. A modification of the theory of combined action has been proposed for predicting the strength of a fibre-reinforced composite, viz: [ Equation omitted ] where A is volume fraction, f refers to fibre, m refers to matrix, df is fibre diameter, and K is a constant whose value depends on the hardness of the fibre. Weakening of the matrix-fibre interface in composites of copper and steel fibres has been attributed to segregation of carbon to the interface. Alloys containing 6 to 8 weight per cent copper in iron have been shown to exhibit a martensitic transformation when cooled from the ɣ region of the Fe-Cu phase diagram.

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