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Red Magic by Michel de Ghelderode : a production analysis and record Irwin, Michael John Richard Carlyon


Red Magic is a play in three acts by Michel de Ghelderode. As part of this thesis, it was directed by Michael Irwin and produced on November 2-5, 1966, at the Frederic Wood Studio Theatre on the campus of the University of British Columbia. This written thesis is an analysis of the play in preparation for, and a record of that production. It is divided into three sections. The first section is a discussion in essay form of the author, the play, and the production. Pertinent biographical information about the author is followed by a discussion of the characteristics of his plays as they appear in Red Magic. The play itself is analysed as to plot, theme, dialogue, character, relevence to our time, playwright's intent, type of universe depicted, and forces at work behind the action. Because there are available no published interpretations of Red Magic, this part is limited to the director's interpretation. A specific approach to the style of production and to the solution of problems follows. A bibliography completes the essay section. The second section is the specific analysis of the script. Opposite the pages of script appear analytical notes for each French scene under the following headings: Purpose, Actions, Dominant Emotions, Character Dominance, Mood, Rhythmic Image, Shape, Staging, Difficulties, Mechanical Problems and Beats. In the text on the facing pages are shown the scene divisions, cuts, blocking, beat divisions, lighting and sound cues, and some stage directions. The script is preceded by important facts and acknowledgements about the production, a cost breakdown, a box office report, and keys to understanding the analytical information and the symbols used in the text . Complete lighting, sound, property and costume plots follow the script. The third and final section consists of the material record of the production. Costume sketches are followed by a rendering of the set and photographs in colour of the actual production. Following these are samples of the program and newspaper reviews. Lastly, the blueprints of the ground plan and construction drawings are included as foldouts.

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