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Review of the administration of justice for the adult offender in the Greater Vancouver area Hawkes, Randi


This study seeks to explore the development of police forces and their relationship to the general community. Attention is given to the systems in Great Britain, United States and Canada. A particular focus is placed on some aspects of the Vancouver Police Force. The main body of the material presented was gained from extensive use of library resources. Some additional information was obtained from the Vancouver Police Department and an interview with Vancouver Police personnel. The study reviews the legal jurisdiction of police power, and the integration of police administration into the modern community. Attention, also, is given to police personnel and training. Finally, some general conclusions are presented regarding public awareness and the concept that police work should be professionalized. In the writer's opinion this study indicates that adequacy or inadequacy in at least early police forces was often dependent upon the whim or attitude of one individual. There seems little question that a modern police force should be more than a product of a historical evolution. The role, administration and training of a modern force should be based on continuing evaluation and study. Application should be made of the best thinking and knowledge available regarding public administration, personnel training, and social complexities which effect a police force because it is an integral part of the community. The writer hopes that this study will contribute to a general review of the administration of justice, and assist in further research concerned with this aspect of human endeavour.

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