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Where the orders are: original poems Dawson, David Anthony


despite personal & general chaos there is order, where values, intentions, and conditions lack order, (such is the 'human condition’), order is everywhere evident in the physical world. & here is the connection man seeks to make: to relate to the larger order—for he is part of that larger physical order. count by numbers, measure—as all the universe does of itself—ritual order in all things. to wit: the language can only take us so far. it does not admit to such clear order, so how can it render such order, nevermind try to impose it. the poem seeks the orders, and the connections, they are real and to be found. what the poem ultimately does is point—indicate where the orders are. (to which we do adhere, in spite of ourselves—else we are not part of the physical world around us.) but there is a pun in all this. orders. as in holy orders, a ritual to be discharged in the service of. in no way does the poet make or impose. he discovers and reveals, such is the function implicit in his ordination.

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