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Community health services in greater Vancouver Chipman, Dan LeRoy


This thesis examines the historical development and the present state of health services in the Greater Vancouver area. With particular reference to its advocacy of universal and comprehensive medical care coverage, the Hall Report is used as a framework from which these services are evaluated. Recommendations of the Report and implications of these for the future development of health services are considered. Basic concern about health needs has historically been an integral part of social work and social welfare. Although health and welfare have developed into separate areas of concern their common focus continues to be the provision of services adequate to meet existing need. This focus is the rationale upon which the thesis is based. Included in this study are public health services, hospitals, and non-profit medical care coverage plans. These are the major public institutions through which community health services are provided. Information was obtained through interviews with relevant personnel, and from a review of pertinent literature and legislation. On the basis of this information, the nature, extent, and organization of these services are described. The institutions are examined, both as to their individual programmes, and their part in the total network of health care. The findings and recommendations of the Hall Report are taken into consideration in assessing the present organization and provision of health services. It is concluded that although the organization and provision of health services, on an individual basis, appears adequate, optimum functioning could be achieved by a policy of over-all planning and coordination.

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