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Application of analogue techniques to the solution of problems in optimal control Wiklund, Eric Charles


The thesis is concerned with techniques for realizing optimum control that are suited for analogue computers. The first half of the thesis develops an iterative scheme for the solution of the two point boundary value problem. The theory of the iterative scheme is covered in detail and the scheme is implemented on an analogue computer. Studies of the scheme have also been made using a digital computer. The iterative scheme can be modified to cope with constraints on the control law. These modifications have been tested on a digital computer. The latter half of the thesis is concerned with approximation techniques which produce, very simple controllers. These techniques require a large digital computer, such as the IBM 7040, to do the design calculations. The first approximation technique developed from the calculus of variations is covered in detail including a complete controller designed and simulated. The second approximation technique based on dynamic programming is discussed and a few points are made about the features of the controller.

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