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Slovenian translations of Pushkin's poetry and prose , 1853-1901 Cernetic, Dragan Marijan


The purpose of this study is to present in a concise form information concerning the extent and quality of Slovenian translations of Pushkin's poetry and prose. The author has investigated as fully as possible the renderings of all the known Slovenian translators of Pushkin, who were active during the second half of the nineteenth century. Particular attention has been focused on the authorship of the published translations, collection of full bibliographical data and evaluation of the quality of the Slovenian renderings. A brief survey of the contents of the chapters will show broadly how the author has approached this task. Chapter I provides a short descriptive history of translation, explores in general terms the traditional and customary approach to translation and reviews the commonly accepted criteria and agreed upon principles governing translation. Furthermore, a brief comparative evaluation of existing resemblances and diversities of the Russian and Slovenian languages has been included. Chapter II provides a historical review of the Slovene-Russian cultural contacts, which date back to the sixteenth century, and then discusses the socio-cultural development of the Slovenian nation in the nineteenth century, taking especially into account the influence of the Slavophiles and Russophiles on the development of the Slovenian literature. Chapter III is devoted to the examination of the existing Slovenian renderings of Pushkin's poetry and prose; it provides short sketches of their authors, analyses the available bibliographical data, compares some of the renderings with the original texts, examines their language and attempts to assess their poetic failings or merits. Finally, added is a list of articles about Pushkin and translations which appeared in the Slovenian periodical publications.

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