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Home services for the aged : an experience survey to assess the need for Home Care Services in the West End Area of Vancouver, 1966-1967 Meiners, Dieter Johann


As medical advances make possible the increase of the individual's life span, the needs of older people become a greater concern in our society. This study is based on the assumption that home care services are a desirable alternative to prevailing methods of institutionalisation, and on the premise that the services needed to retain the elderly person in his own familiar environment can be assessed. The district chosen for the project is the West End area of Vancouver, which comprises a high proportion of persons over the age of sixty-five years. It is the primary aim of the study to develop a research interview schedule, which will enable subsequent investigators to explore the present topic more extensively. In this sense the project can be seen as a preliminary survey based on a limited sample, which has as its aim not so much the collection of data based on the design of a research instrument, but an exploration of the literature in regard to home services elsewhere and the construction of a research instrument. A critical analysis of the research methods used here is part of the research project. The thesis is an initial attempt to assess the extent of the need and to identify the types of need for home services as part of an ongoing programme in the research for such needed services which is undertaken by the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia.

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