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The role of fungal lipids in the hypersensitive response Shkurhan, Eugene E.


Studies made on the lipid components of Microsporum quinckeanum, have shown that 6 day old fermenter-grown mycelia and that of 21 day old static cultures grown in Sabouraud's glucose liquid medium have a lipid content of approximately 16% by dry weight. Thin layer chromatography showed that the lipid fractions obtained from both methods of cultivation were identical. During the purification of the lipid extracts, a lipoprotein was isolated having 16.45$ protein content, and after hydrolysis and chromatography this material demonstrated the presence of eleven amino acids. Dried mycelia, purified lipid and lipoprotein were used separately in complete and incomplete Freund's adjuvant to sensitize guinea pigs and rabbits by various routes. Sensitization of guinea pigs was achieved also by Bloch's method. All animals were challenged by separate intradermal injections of total lipid extracts, lipoprotein and the six lipid fractions. Delayed hypersensitive responses of varying intensities were demonstrated by all sensitized animals. Further investigations were made using lymph nodes removed from rabbits separately sensitized with dermatophyte lipid extracts and lipoprotein. Protein extracts of lymph nodes from these animals were examined electrophoretically. The presence of precipitating antibodies in sera and lymph node extracts were demonstrated by immunodiffusion and precipitin ring tests. Passive transfer tests were carried out successfully to conclusively demonstrate the presence of antibodies in the lymph node extracts.

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