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Staff-patient communication in a mental hospital. |b A pilot study of social worker's information-giving and patient's information-receiving in acute treatment units at Riverview Hospital; including a proposed design for a more comprehensive study of staff-patient communication Bogren, Lyle


This study is a formulative exploratory study in the area of communication. It investigates the operation of the social worker-patient communication process with respect to selected variables thought to influence this process. The study consists of three parts; the original research design, the critique of the original design, and the new design. The project takes place at the Riverview Hospital and involves both Crease Clinic and Centre Lawn units. The original design is formed around a frame of reference which underlines the need for communication by patients at a mental hospital. Unfortunately, the original design, which involved a study of factors affecting the information flow between social worker and patient, failed to achieve a clear focus in its purpose and problem formulation. The critique pointed out the various factors influencing the original study and which led to the necessary revision of the study design. It includes a comprehensive outline of the extraneous variables which were encountered in this study and suggests the extent to which they may affect the validity of the study findings. The new design incorporates the findings and implications of the original design, and was enlarged to include communication between the staff treatment team (doctor, social worker, charge nurse) and the patient. A more specific theoretical frame of reference was developed and in addition suggestions for implementation of the new design are made and can serve as a reference point for any continuing studies in this area.

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