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Flow characteristics of fluid-solid mixtures Johnson, Norman Allan


This thesis deals with pneumatic conveying in a closed duct. The closed duct consists of approximately 260 feet of 2-inch standard pipe made up of horizontal, vertical, and elbow sections. An expression is developed which provides the pressure differential between the two ends of the closed duct in terms of the variables which appear to affect two-phase flow. The development and assembly of the apparatus used in studying and evaluating the theory is described in considerable detail, with a view to future work in this field. The data acquired from the experimental apparatus is analysed in an attempt to correlate the various flow resistance factors, due to the particulate phase, with the characteristics of the particulate material. The results and conclusions derived from the experimentation and analysis described herein, while not definitive, shed some new light on the complexities of two-phase flow and provide a rational empirical approach to the study of two-phase flow systems.

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