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Correlation of microstructure with tensile deformation behaviour in dispersion strengthened aluminum Surana, Narendra Singh


The tensile behaviour of an A1-1OSb alloy, containing a dispersion of the intermetallic compound A1Sb, has been compared with that of an overaged A1-4Cu alloy in the temperature range of -100 to 200°C. As an aid to the interpretation of the alloy results, pure aluminum has also been examined, over the range of grain size represented by the two alloys. A coarse dispersion of A1Sb was not found to increase the yield strength of aluminum for a given initial grain for subgrain) size. However, the dispersion markedly increased the resistance of aluminum to recovery and recrystallisation, at the same time increasing the true ultimate strength and the uniform elongation. The observed tensile properties of pure aluminum have been explained by a cell formation and migration argument. The tensile deformation behaviour of A1-1OSb and A1-4Cu has been explained in the light of current theories and as an extension of the interpretation of the behaviour of pure aluminum.

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