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Oxidation of iron by lead oxide - Silica melts Portier, Bernard


An investigation of the oxidation of solid iron by lead oxide-silica melts was undertaken between 850°C and 1000°C over a wide range of oxidising potentials. The experimental reaction rates were measured by a technique of electrical resistance measurements. In the intermediate range of concentration investigated (80-88 % wgt.PbO) the rate of oxidation was found to be proportional to the mole fraction of lead oxide in the melt, in other words, to the lead ion concentration. The rate determining step of iron oxidation by lead oxide-silica melts is supposed to involve lead cations in contrast with the oxidation of carbon where oxygen ions are involved. The apparent activation energy was found to be 50 ± 7 Kcal/mole. Two sets of activity data concerning the lead oxide in PbO-SiO₂ melts were available and were compared by processing the present results on iron oxidation and previous results on carbon oxidation by similar melts.

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