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Second chromosome ts lethals in Drosophila melanogaster Baillie, David Leonard


The monofunctional ethylating agent EMS has been found to induce ts lethal mutations in Drosophila melanoqaster. Temperature sensitive lethals can be induced on both the X and the second chromosomes. The frequencies of ts lethal induction with respect to the estimated number of "single hit" lethal mutations are not significantly different (for the X chromosome 12.5% and for the second, 10.9%). The ts lethals from each chromosome have similar visibilities at high and low temperatures. As with the ts lethals on the X chromosome, Suzuki et al, 1967) those on the second behaved in a manner compatible with the suggestion that Drosophila ts lethals are similar to those found in micro-organisms. These mutants, particularly dominant ts lethals, may provide powerful tools for Drosophila genetic investigation.

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