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Determination of conductor clearances-to-ground for EHV AC and DC transmission lines Stremlaw, Arthur John


The analyses presented in this thesis are based on a consideration of induction effects below transmission lines and the hazards as presented to the public. The rapid increase of transmission voltages has caused a great deal of concern among utilities about these hazards. The induction effects are a function of line height and at present there is conflict concerning-these dimensions. Primarily, this thesis is concerned with the establishment of the minimum line-to-ground clearances of EHV ac and dc transmission lines. These clearances are established in terms of the electric field under the line based on the "electric field recognition level". Equations are derived for the electric field, and potential at any point below the line in Chapter 2. These equations are then used in Chapter 3 to show the effect of conductor spacing, height and size on the field. Also, the effect of sky wires and bundle conductors is noted. Chapter 4 derives an allowable value of electric field which is used in Chapter 5 to derive the required heights. Chapter 6 considers a reduction of these clearances or induction effects using ground wires below the line conductors for shielding purposes. Experimental readings are obtained in Chapter 7 to verify the equations derived in Chapter 2 and the effects of sky wires and bundle conductors on the electric field below the line. Chapter 8 establishes right-of-way widths based on induction effects.

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