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Stimulus properties : perceptual learning and their effect on disappearances of luminous figures Creighton, Terence Donald


Subjects viewed luminous targets in a dark room. Target size and composition were varied to determine their effect on subjects' reports of complete figure disappearances. The number of complete target disappearances decreased as the size of the retinal image increased. Fragmentations related to meaning and shape were also greatest under viewing conditions involving small retinal images. Subjects showed no preference when they were given the opportunity to respond to either shape of conceptual similarities in the target. Prior perceptual learning experiences were also varied. Evidence for perceptual learning on a specific target (PPL) was not found with subjects who reported that they had astigmatism. Perceptual learning was demonstrated using either a within-S or between-S design, and was found to decay rapidly over time. More meaningful training stimuli produced a greater degree of learning. Evidence for stimulus generalization was also found using a perceptual learning exercise.

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