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Typology of poverty Bryniawsky, Zenon


This study is an attempt to discover relationships between particular factors which we felt would be indicators of poverty. Of the many factors suggested by the literature of poverty, we investigated relationships between income level, employment status, health conditions, education level, and age. Using the Vancouver data collected by the Nu-life Study, we designed a program which would indicate the nature and strength of the relationship between these factors. From a definition of our variables, a model was designed using as a basis income adequacy. The available data contained information on other variables which we used, such as - marital status, sex, and number of persons per household. From this the hypothetical construct was formulated around hypotheses relating to four groups which were configurations of the employment status and income adequacy variables. Our statistical analysis was based on the chi square method for measuring significance and consistency. The contigency co-efficient was employed to measure the relatedness of the variables. We found that there were indeed positive links between the factors referred to. However, these links were not as strong as we had anticipated. Although the project could not establish cause-effect relationships, the findings do help to establish some of the components in the poverty cycle. These components would not seem to have equal strength in determining level of income. Further research might investigate why some of these factors had greater bearing on income level than others. For example, the level of education seemed to have a greater effect than did the health factor. Consequently, we see this study as a step in determining the characteristics of poverty.

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