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The poetry of Hsu Chih-Mo. Leung, Gaylord Kai-Loh


Hsu Chih-mo was an influential poet in China in 1920’s but his works have not been thoroughly studied either in or outside China. In this thesis the main features of Hsu's poetry are examined and attention is given to the influence he received from others and the impact of family life and social and political environment on his thoughts and works. His prose writings which supply valuable sources to the understanding of his poetry are often drawn upon. Chapter I (Background) provides some basic information about the poet's life and the Chinese social and political conditions in his days. Chapters II (Woman), III (Love), IV (Revolution) and V (Religion) may be regarded as what the poet has to say and Chapter VI (Diction) and VII (Imagery), the ways he says them. On account of the scope of this paper, prosody, which requires extensive studies in the case of Hsu, is not treated as a separate topic, and in the last chapter (Conclusion), a brief summation and appreciation is given with emphasis on the role played by Hsu as an ever sincere and zealous promoter and experimenter of modern Chinese poetry ("new" poetry).

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