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Effects of certain management practices on nutrient status of highbush blueberry plants on acid sphagnum peat Embree, Charles Gordon


Field experiments designed to reveal the effects of certain management practices and fertilizer applications on the nutritional status of highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) were conducted during the summer of 1967. The concentration of N and Ca in the leaf tissue of plants receiving general grower care are similar to Ballinger's estimated deficiency levels while that of Mn was very high. Mn levels were higher in plants growing on the highly decomposed peats. The application of N or NPK increased the concentration of these individual elements. Increases in N appeared to depress the uptake of Mg and encourage the utilization of P. Certain management practices improved nutrient utilization especially under the high fertilizer treatment regime. A negative correlation existed between N and growth ratings in 2 of the 3 experiments. There was no indication that herbicides reduced the uptake of nutrient elements. The leaf levels of the cations Mg, Ca and Mn all declined as the yield increased. Soil temperature and moisture levels were consistently greater in hoed and herbicide treated plots than in mowed plots.

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